G-DASH: Gulden Witness & Node Dashboard

G-DASH is a lightweight, responsive, web-based user interface for Gulden users who run a wallet, node, witnessing account, or all of the above on a unix server (i.e. a Raspberry Pi). Using this dashboard users can keep an eye on their Gulden server and control their nodes and witnessing account without the need of a terminal. It also includes the option to control a Gulden wallet, and the software has auto-update functionality to make sure you always run the latest version of G-DASH.

This dashboard is created with the idea to keep everything as simple as possible, so even people who are not very good with computers or don't understand how to set up a witness account can use this functionality of Gulden. Of course, new ideas and comments are always welcome. You can find me on the Gulden slack (@bastijn) at https://guldencom.slack.com, or via e-mail at bastijn[at]g-dash.nl. I'm happy to talk to you, to answer any questions and to listen to any feedback.


November 12, 2019
G-DASH version 1.3. Change log:
  • FEATURE: Updated voluntary node upload to Dactual Nodemaps.
  • BUG: Commands for resetting the blockchain using the CLI did not connect to the config.
  • BUG: GitHub issue #20: Only inbound connections were shown in the node list.
  • FEATURE: Donate to G-DASH using CoinRequest banner.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Migrated full node port checker to new server.

October 30, 2019
G-DASH version 1.2. Change log:
  • ENHANCEMENT: Next updates will be fetched from GitHub directly.
  • FEATURE: New commands for resetting the blockchain added to CLI. See: php /var/www/html/gdcli help for details
  • BUG: Corrected witness address URL in QR code.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Random sleep time for pushbullet notifications
  • BUG: Witness account list was not populated when not funded.
  • BUG: Incorrect witness timestamp in dashboard.
  • BUG: Replace dots with underscores in witness account names.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updates will be performed directly from GitHub
  • REMOVED: Remove beta update channel.

August 31, 2018
G-DASH version 1.1. Change log:
  • BUG: iPhone Safari users can now expand the witness details box.
  • FEATURE: Withdraw locked funds when witness account has expired.
  • TEXTUAL: Show a warning message in the GuldenD settings screen these settings are for advanced users.
  • FEATURE: Added a GDCLI command for resetting the blockchain forcing a full resync. Usage: php /var/www/html/gdcli reset_blockchain
  • BUG: Witness account list was not populated when not funded.
  • TEXTUAL: New G-DASH favicon.
  • TEXTUAL: G-DASH Cloud link in witness screen.
  • FEATURE: Check if GDCLI script runs as root.

August 16, 2018
G-DASH version 1.03 and 1.04 bugfix released. Change log:
  • ENHANCEMENT: GitHub issue #6: Config check page shows info for IPv4 and IPv6.
  • BUG: Witness projection chart too large for mobile view.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Using block info for exact block times in witness statistics.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated formula to calculate projected witness earnings.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Not funded accounts can be deleted.
  • FEATURE: New 3D graph in witness network showing time, weight and amount locked for all witness accounts.
  • FEATURE: GitHub issue #11: Witness accounts transactions can be found underneath the earnings graph.
  • BUG: Exclude witness rewards from pushbullet transaction push message.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated the FAQ.
  • BUG: Fixed the immature balance.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added estimated witness period to witness account details.
  • BUG: Wallet transaction list did not filter for witness accounts.
  • BUG: Witness status (cooldown/initial funding) was incorrectly displayed when public key is not used yet.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Change OTP key to 16 chars as an iPhone is not always able to scan a 32 or 64 char barcode.
  • FEATURE: Show witness address and QR for the witness address.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated the manual and added a link to G-DASH in the about section.
  • 1.04 bugfix: BUG: Fixed incorrect witness earnings projection.

July 21, 2018
G-DASH version 1.02 released. Change log:
  • IMPROVEMENT: Always show import recovery phrase option.
  • BUG: Password field for witness key import was marked as normal text field.
  • BUG: Orphaned blocks were counted as normal blocks in witness statistics.
  • FEATURE: Show expected earnings percentage in witness screen.
  • BUG: Fixed empty witness push messages when GuldenD is not running.
  • BUG: Temporary disable the immature balance, currently work in progress.


G-DASH is free and open-source, but powered by donations. You can support the development of G-DASH by donating for development, storage, hosting and coffee. Thank you!



G-DASH: Bastijn Koopmans - G-DASH.nl
EasyGulden: Paul Willen - paulwillen.nl
Gulden: Gulden.com
Bootstrap: getbootstrap.com
Jquery: jquery.com
Qrcodejs: davidshimjs.github.io/qrcodejs/
PHPOTP: github.com/Voronenko/PHPOTP
Jquery terminal: github.com/jcubic/jquery.terminal

License and Copyright

GNU General Public License v3.0